Miss Hilary Dunford – Headteacher

Mr Nic Bailey – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Alison Pippard – SENCO and Inclusion Lead


Early Years Team

Miss Katie Padley – Early Years Teacher/ Early Years Lead

Miss Daisy Flynn – Early Years Teacher

Miss Sadie Parsons – Early Years LSA

Mrs Sarah Morgan – Early Years HLTA

Mrs Sarah Fudgell – Early Years LSA

Mrs Laura Lockyer – Early Years LSA


Key Stage One

Miss Joanne Lowe – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Becky Peckham – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Diane Ellery – Year 1 LSA

Miss Lesley Whelan – Year 1 LSA

Mrs Tania Aldersley – Year 1 Teacher

Miss Christabel Sadowski – Year 2 Teacher

Miss Eve Lockett – Year 2 Teacher

Miss Cherrie Potter – Year 2 LSA

Mrs Kelly Barry-Taylor – Year 2 LSA


Key Stage Two

Mr Phil Bennett – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Lucy Ducker- Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Tracey Rees – Year 3 LSA

Mrs Jo Bale – Year 3 LSA

Mrs Katy Roberts – Year 4 Teacher

Mr Ben Hearn – Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Karen Smith – Year 4 LSA

Mrs Chris Holly – Year 4 LSA

Miss Christine Stanger – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Donna Moss- Year 5 LSA

Miss Jenni Haycock – Year 6 Teacher

Miss Eleanor Pope – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Amanda Thorpe – Year 6 HLTA

Mr Patrick Turnball- Year 6 Intervention Teacher


Other Staff

Mr Ben Roberts – Regional Sports Coordinator

Miss Jillian Gorra – Reading Recovery Teacher

Mrs Lucy Dixon – Family Link Worker

Mr Martyn O’Shea – Site Manager

Mr Leon McMeechan – Attendance Officer

Mrs Susie Asare – Reading Recovery

Mr Matt Goddard – PPA Cover/ HLTA

Mr Bradley Deeney- PPA Cover/ Sports Teacher

Mr Samuel Hepper- Sports Apprenticeship



Miss Bianca Summerfield – HR & Admin

Miss Charlotte Mascilo – Receptionist



Miss Leanne Gaylard

Mrs Julie Lavis

Mrs Jennie Grimley

Mrs Sharon Thomas

Miss Sam Bush

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