Our Ambassadors are made up of people who share a great passion for our academy.

Led by a chairperson, Ambassadors meet once per term, and will have at least two parent ambassadors elected to the group. They work closely with headteachers, regional and national staff as well as our trustees, and focus on the four Cs of Communication, Celebration, Complaints and Community.

Ambassadors Charter

Please note that the board of trustees is the governing body for E-ACT and all E-ACT academies. The Ambassadors are an advisory body only.

Attendance of trustees at meetings is published on the trust website within E-ACT’s annual report which also contains information on the structure and responsibilities of the board and its committees.

Other important documents that can be found on the trust website include:

  • Trustees’ business and financial interests
  • Articles of Association
  • Master Funding Agreement and Supplemental Agreements
  • E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation which shows all delegated authorities from the board of trustees
  • E-ACT’s detailed governance overview, showing how we continue to meet all our statutory and regulatory requirements under our regionalised governance model

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.

Our Ambassadors are:

  • Sam Bush, Chair and Parent Ambassador
  • Elly Oddie, Parent Ambassador
  • Mrs Felicity Hawkins, Headteacher

Pen Portraits

Sam Bush

My name is Sam Bush and I have lived in Knowle for the last seven years. I have three children (all girls). The oldest one attends Oasis Academy John Williams but attended Ilminster Avenue from yr 2. My other two girls are in years 2 and 4. They all love Irish dancing and attend a variety of clubs: karate, gymnastics, drama and singing. They keep me very busy indeed!

I have been an academy ambassador for the last three years and I have now taken on the role of chairperson. We have just set up a brand new Pupil Council to work closely with on exciting new projects and to maximise the school’s potential. I am also a SMSA which I love doing! I also volunteer in and around the school. You can normally find me in year 1 where I read and practise keywords with the children. I am also an active member of the PTA, which I have been doing for five years now. We organise fundraiser events and put on events for the children and the school community. We love new members! I am always in and around Ilminster so please come and say hi!


Elly Oddie

Hi all, my name is Elly and am a member of our schools PTA as well as one of your school Ambassadors. I moved to Bristol around 11 years ago and live with my partner, stepson and son, although I also have two other lovely stepchildren who often visit. I am very familiar with Ilminster Avenue as my son has been attending the school since 2015 when he started reception.
Currently I’m a stay at home mum however previously I’ve had a career has spanned over 28 years in childcare. During this time I’ve worked in a variety of roles including being a private nanny, a nursery nurse/team leader and even 3 years as a children’s holiday rep abroad. More recently I worked in family support, spending many years working with vulnerable children and families, helping them to understand and support their own individual needs and access local services.

When my son was 3 years old he was diagnosed as having High Functioning Autism. Although he is a beautiful, bright and very funny child, sadly, for him school life can be emotionally difficult and confusing at times. I really wanted to find a way of constructively supporting my son throughout his school journey and becoming an Ambassador seemed to be a great way to do that. Having had a lot of experience in supporting families previously I am keen to share my knowledge and skills with others who also experience times when things become overwhelming, difficult or stressful.
I absolutely love meeting new people and really hope to make a difference to anyone needing guidance and support in and around school. I may not always have all the answers but I will do my best to help you, should you ever need it. I wish you all the best and look forward to hopefully meeting you someday.


If you would like to become an Ambassador, please contact Mrs Hawkins or speak to any of the Parent Ambassadors.


You can contact the Ambassadors through the office.

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