Learning here at Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy is underpinned by our six core values: Enjoy, Success, Respect, Community, Responsibility and Compassion.

Our values show that we place an emphasis on individual achievement whilst building an awareness and understanding of others. The school is a caring community that values personal, social and emotional development as well as academic and creative achievement.

We believe that a rich and engaging curriculum is every child’s entitlement so that they enjoy their learning. We know this is to be true because the children tell us every day how much they love coming to school and feel safe, happy and valued.


We have fun in school because we believe this helps us learn.


We do our best because we want to achieve well.


We are honest with each other. We use our manners and are polite to everyone.


We are together. We learn from each other.


We are all trusted with responsibilities. We trust each other.


We care about each other. We show kindness to one another.

Religious Education

We are a non-denominational school. Religious Education is taught according to the locally agreed syllabus and incorporates the six main world faiths. Assemblies take place almost daily, and invite your child to take time to discuss and reflect on a wide range of social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues. If you would like to withdraw your child from any particular lessons or assemblies, please write a letter to the Headteacher. A meeting will be set up to discuss your request and alternative arrangements will be made for your child during these times.


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