Trips and Visits

Each term children are provided with opportunities to get out and about around Bristol and further afield. Trips are categorised according to the location, and we will always inform you when we take your child off the academy premises. At the beginning of the year, we ask for blanket approval of all category 1 visits. We then ask for specific permission for category 2, 3 and 4 trips. We will never stop any child from going on a trip because they are not able to make a contribution. However, we have to make you aware that if we do not receive enough voluntary contributions then we may have to cancel trips.

Category 1: Local Visits – half day or less, to a close venue with low risks e.g. local shops, the church, the woods, or local schools

Category 2: Swimming – visit to a local swimming pool for a swimming activity only

Category 3: Low Risk Day Visit – One day visit which will involve low risk only e.g. SS Great Britain, Tyntesfield, Museum of Bristol

Category 4: High Risk Visit – This may include an overnight stay, a visit abroad or an hazardous activity e.g. canoeing, rock climbing, a visit to a theme park


Speakers and Visitors

We regularly organise speakers of interest to meet with the children and speak to them about issues and topics of interest usually in a whole school assembly. We also have visitors who specialise in a variety of skills and professions come in to work with children on projects. There are also visiting pantomimes and a range of musicians who come in. There are times when this is sometimes open to parents to enjoy as well!


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