Ilminster Avenue E-ACT ACADEMY Mental Health and Wellbeing


· Identifying areas of risk to physical and mental health so that they can be minimised and managed appropriately.
· Promoting a culture of care and concern for our people, which demands that everybody accepts responsibility for their own and others’ wellbeing.
· Promoting a culture of open conversation so we talk about our wellbeing and mental health having our mates in mind and make support available when employees may be struggling.
· Providing a comprehensive training offer aimed at providing people with tools for managing their total wellbeing, including mental health.
· Putting in place a system of management practice and controls, which enables employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance, whilst recognising the impact of personal choice and lifestyle.
· Ensuring the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers in all occupations.
· Making sure working environments are healthy, safe, secure and suitable.

· Ensuring children have regular access to specialist provision, E.g. music, art and sport, shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum in our curriculum offer.
· Ensuring children have regular opportunities to take part in learning beyond the classroom shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum in our curriculum offer. E.g forest schools, trips, camps (6 a year), Play-pod activities.
· Ensuring mental health problems are identified early and appropriate support provided through our Learning Mentor.
· We use Thrive in our school, ensuring every child is screened and those who are identified through screening, attend weekly Thrive sessions with the Thrive Practioner.
· All staff know the importance of mental health awareness and are or are being trained as Mental Health First Aiders
· The IT curriculum provides pupils with modern skills within technology including e-safety awareness.
· The school has an anti-bullying charter which our Associate governors helped to write.
· We have strict safeguarding procedures in place at Ilminster Avenue E-Act Academy. Our safeguarding team are displayed around the school and children are aware of who they can go to if they have any concerns.

· Children and their adults have mutual trust, respect and support from the school.
· Pupils at Ilminster Avenue E-Act Academy are engaged in their learning.
· Fixed term exclusions have reduced significantly over the year.
· Lunchtime behaviour incidents have reduced due to positive engagement in play.
· Our children are developing their knowledge and understanding of the rich, cultural heritage of modern Britain.
· A recent parent survey shows that communication between the school and parents/carers improved and they feel listened to. They are demonstrating a greater involvement in the school community.

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