Our safeguarding team comprises of Hilary Dunford as designated safeguarding lead, Michelle Mills and Alison Pippard as Deputy Safeguarding leads. We also have Felicity Hawkins and Leon McMeechan as part of overall safeguarding team. Any safeguarding concerns are reported to us and we will investigate and take action if necessary.

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Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Leads /Mini Leads

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead – Hilary Dunford
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads – Michelle Mills and Alison Pippard
  • Prevent – Alison Pippard
  • Female Genital Mutilation, Child Sexual Exploitation, Mental Health – Michelle Mills
  • Children Missing in Education – Leon McMeechan
  • Online Safety – Tania Aldersley
  • Equality & Diversity – Christine Stanger

Other Identified Leads

  • First Aid Lead – Kelly Taylor-Barry
  • Individual Health Care Plan Lead – Alison Pippard
  • Individual Health Care Plan Practitioner – Alison Pippard

Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school. DFE 2015

Supporting pupils with medical needs policy

When a concern is raised we will talk to the child in the first instance using the ‘Tell, Explain and Describe’ process. We will contact parents as appropriate.

We work closely with many different outside agencies, such as First Response and Early Help, who can offer support to families. In some situations we will need to inform parents of our requirements to involve these agencies. First Response is operated by qualified social workers who are able to discuss any concerns and offer advice and initiate follow-up if necessary. We also liaise with the Bristol North safeguarding advisor team and our E-ACT Safeguarding System Leader, John Spring, who advises on Safeguarding and Attendance.

Have a look at our Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy Safeguarding Booklet, to help you around the school.

Safeguarding and Welcome Booklet

You can also read our Safeguarding Policy below:

Safeguarding Policy

Keeping Children Safe In Education


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